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Markigy is a fun way of describing our marketing philosophy.

 Hi, I’m Leanne Dow-Weimer. I’m known for being authentic, transparent and collaborative. I love helping organizations build their marketing strategy & departments. I fell in love with inbound marketing after spending years in sales roles and knowing that there were people out there searching for exactly what I was offering.



On a day-to-day basis this means working with clients to deliver lean action plans aligned with the organization’s vision and personality, and connecting it their their ideal customers. 

It’s not hard to be passionate about helping clients reach and define their business goals.  Watching others reach success is a double-win!

I use experience, education and data to help guide our clients campaigns. Being big fans of the scientific method, research, and analytics helps us nail down the right formula for each client. 

Why waste time and money on pushy and annoying tactics when you can get results with being credible, trustworthy and likable?